Spur styles - prices are per pair

Spurs are available as custom order; when you have decided on a particular style that we have available, contact us to arrange delivery of spur sizers.  The instructions for proper sizing willl be included in the box, and as always we are glad to help with any questions you may have. 

The options you can choose to customize your pair include rowel size, drop of rowel shank, inclusion of silver in rowel and silver striping on spur.  All spurs come with heel chains and are ready for you to apply your own leathers.

Turn around time from order to completion is approximately 2-4 months.    Please note:  we only do the designs shown at this time; these are our family patterns and what our tools are set up for.  We cannot make custom designs or include letters, but we can leave out portions of patterns for you to send out once you receive them and have those items added on or overlaid.

For any questions please feel free to message us via the contact page, or call Gary at (805) 708-4018.

Thank you!

3 button style

Price: 600.00 USD
Single side

3 square inlay

Price: 600.00 USD
Single side with rope in rowels

Aunt Rita style

Price: 900.00 USD
Spurs shown with silver in rowels; if desired, can be made without silver in rowel for $100.00 less.

John C. Field pattern

Price: 1100.00 USD
full inlay price quoted; spur leathers not included.

Figueroa style spurs

Price: 1000.00 USD
Our most ornate pattern available. Third picture shows 3 square inlay pattern that would be on reverse side of spur if full inlay is ordered.