Jewelry, scarf slides, belt buckles and rein chains

Current as of December, 2015

Check back every now and then; Gary is always trying new things and you never know what will show up next!

Not all items are available in stock, but all are available as special order.  Please call Gary at (805) 708-4018 or email us through our contact page and we will return your call promptly!  Thanks!

Product Info Price
Earrings - large, triangle silver (special order) $130.00
Earrings - square concho silver (special order) $85.00
Earrings-round concho small, copper scalloped edge $35.00
Earrings - round concho small, silver, scalloped edges or smooth $45.00
Earrings - round concho medium silver smooth edge $55.00
Earrings - round concho large, silver with scalloped edges $65.00
Pendant-single sided concho round, large silver with scalloped edges $125.00
Pendant-double sided concho 1 1/4 in. silver, triangle or floral edge $150.00
Pendant-double sided concho large, smooth-edge $200.00
Scarf slide round, silver $100.00
Buckle silver inlay, 1 1/2 inch $225.00
Buckle silver inlay, 5/8 inch $45.00
Belt keeper silver overlay $35.00
Field pattern rein chains stainless steel, 16 links, approx. 13 in. $50.00/pair
Visalia pattern rein chains stainless steel, 10 links w/swivel; 11 3/4 in. $100.00/pair