Spur prices

Prices updated as of February 2014

We have a limited amount of ready-made spurs in assorted sizes; most of our spurs are made to order.  We will send out spur sizers to our customers to ensure proper fit; the time to completion will vary according to present work load.  We usually quote 6 months for completion.  Prices quoted are per pair. 

If you have questions about existing inventory, or if you would like to place an order please call Gary at (805) 708-4018, or contact us through this website on our email page.  We will return your calls promptly!  thanks!!

Product Info Price
Figueroa style full inlay silver $1000.00
John C. Field style full inlay silver $1100.00
3 - button style single side silver $600.00
Aunt Rita style silver inlay single side, no rope in rowel $800.00
Aunt Rita style silver rope single side, with rope in rowel $900.00
2 - button style single side silver $500.00
inlay single side, silver $500.00
3 - square inlay single side, silver with rope $600.00