Bit prices

Prices current as of November 2014

Please note that our prices will occasionally fluctuate based on current market prices of silver.

All bits listed made by Gary W. Field.

For questions about available inventory, or to place an order call (805) 708-4018, or email us through this website; we will return your messages promptly!  Thanks!
Product Info Price
Santa Susanna short shank, low port $1200.00
Santa Susanna long shank, low port $1400.00
Ortega spade $1200.00
Ortega low port $900.00
Santa Barbara low port $1100.00
Santa Barbara spade $1400.00
Las Cruces low port $800.00
Las Cruces copper, low port $700.00
Las Cruces silver, baby spoon $1100.00
Ventura silver, low port $800.00
Ventura copper, low port with slobber chains $700.00
Ventura copper, low port with slobber bar $750.00
Grandpa C low port $1000.00
Grandpa C spade $1300.00
Aunt Rita low port $800.00
Aunt Rita spade $1100.00
Grazing bit low port, large concho $600.00
Grazing bit low port, small concho $500.00
"S" bit low port $800.00
Modified Las Cruces low port $1500.00

Other mouthpiece options include baby spoon or 4 inch spade. Please contact us for availability and pricing for these options.