With a little encouragement Gary tried his hand at jewelry making... Big Grin

Large, scalloped edge silver concho earrings

Small, scalloped edge silver concho earrings

small, copper scalloped edge earrings

small, smooth edged silver concho earrings

medium smooth edge silver concho earrings

We now have larger, single concho pendants, as well as double-sided concho pendants available. 

Single concho pendant

Silver, double sided pendants


floral edged double sided concho pendant

Triangle edged double sided concho pendant

Here is a photo of a buckle set

Rein chains

We have two different styles of rein chains available; the first pictured is the Field style.

Made of stainless steel, 16 links in length; approx. 13 inches long.

Closer view of the Field pattern

Visalia pattern

This pattern is also made of stainless steel; 10 links with swivel. Approx. 11 3/4 inches. (only one pictured; comes in a pair).

Closer view of Visalia pattern

Small, silver concho posts

Silver concho hair ties

Copper concho hair ties