Photo Album

Here are a few horn caps that Gary made; most recently he tried some with copper and they came out beautifullly. There is one silver one at the top of the set, as well as a couple of spur rowels.

A few copper concho sets; at the top are saddle ties in copper.

close-up of detail on large concho

Large copper concho for horn cap or breast collar

detail of small button from headstall set

backside of large, copper concho for breast collar

(left to right) silver saddle ties, silver headstall sets, silver breast collar and horn cap

Copper saddle ties

Copper headstall set

Square silver conchos with Chicago screw

small, round concho with Chicago screw

Copper concho for scarf slide or hair tie

assorted silver and copper conchos, silver earrings

silver scarf slide

square conchos, available with Chicago screw or split backs.

copper and silver saddle ties, with a square concho and a buckle

small, silver concho with Chicago screw

The following pictures show most of what we have for conchos, including saddle ties, headstall sets, small and medium conchos with Chicago screw or split backs, breast collars, horn caps and even earrings and bucklesĀ (see jewelry page).