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Long shank, curved Ventura style. This is a loose-jaw, no pinch mouth piece and inlaid cheek piece made by Gary.

This is the curved Ventura bit with a short shank; there is no bar to connect the bottom. Named "grazing bit" by mom...

This is the slobber bar that is used on most of the bits we make. Chain can be substituted for the slobber bar if desired.

Here is a top view of the grazing bit.

This is the Grandpa C bit, originally designed by John Chester Field and modified by Ed Field. This bit pictured was made by Gary.

A more detailed view of the slobber bar.

Top view of the Grandpa C bit; note the inlaid rope in the slobber bar. This bit is the first piece Gary made in 1993.

Here is a closer view of the Grandpa C bit.

This is a view of the mouthpiece made with iron and copper overlay on the rollers. Also a good view of the hand-made rein chains.

A nice view of the mouthpiece on the grazing bit.

Santa Barbara Bit

Beautiful detail shot of the inlay, as well as the hand-made rein chains.

A little closer detail of the spade mouthpiece

Ortega bit

Las Cruces bit

This is a variation of the Aunt Rita bit

Ortega bit with a baby spoon mouthpiece.

Ortega bit with a spade mouthpiece.

The "S" bit

The Santa Susanna bit

part of our beautiful display at the Paso gathering 2010.

Gary and our display at the Light Hands Horsemanship event 2011.


Santa Susana, short shank

Modified Las Cruces

Bits ... more pictures to follow soon!