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Figueroa-style spur by Ed Field

This is the other side of the Figueroa spur; there is a bit that can be made to match this pair.

This spur is a variation on a John Field pattern that was designed by Ed Field and made by Gary.

Spurs can be made with one side ornate and the other simple... no inlay, only buttons. This is the Grandpa 3 button pattern, with no inlay on one side.

This is a custom pair made for Dave Matuszak; Gary stamped the design directly into the steel utilizing his dad's design on one side...

... and Dave's brand for Pacific Sunset on the other. The unique sepia-tone coloring was obtained by using a coating of an old grade of motor oil in the baking process. (leave it to a mechanic to find a use for old motor oil...)

Grandpa's simple three-button pattern.

Three button pattern with one side ornate and one simple.

Aunt Rita style spurs

This is the newest style of spurs we make; Gary modeled this after the Aunt Rita Bit.

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