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Written by Stephanie Dally on Dec. 5, 2014
Hello! I have attached a photo of a bit I am using now. Can you make this type of bit?

Written by on Jun. 23, 2014

Written by Jim Sproles on Dec. 28, 2013
Would like to check on pricing a bit. Have seen them at Juan Laras a few years ago when i was in the area doing some work at one of the horse farms. An interested in a spade with the cheek piece with the two cresents and a slober bar.

Written by Arbalette Castle Ranch on Nov. 2, 2013
We are starting a vintage collection for our original northern california ranch.

Written by Katherine Marine on Aug. 26, 2013
Do you have a schedule of shows that you go to, or a catalog to see all your beautiful work? I live in Tucson,AZ and would love to add your bits to my collection.

Written by Patti and Gary Field on Nov. 23, 2012
sorry Mike... this is a snaffle-free website. We have never made them; our bits speak for themselves!

Thanks for the kind compliments!

Written by Mike Lambert on Nov. 12, 2012
I got one of your bits at I think the last saddle show at my cousin's Lou Henhehold feed store, THE MILL, every horse I have used it on loves it, Have you every made a snaffle bit? Keep up the great job and family history.

Written by Pierce Stewart on Sep. 3, 2012
My name is Pierce Stewart. My mother was the daughter of Lucy Johanna Field and George Charles Hesse of Santa Barbara. I have Field and Hesse family photos as well as what is left of the family bible. Please contact me with as I would like to fill in all the missing blanks

Written by Martha on Jun. 26, 2012
I just found out this fine artist has passed. I had one of theses bits with the Santa Barbara Cheeks but with a correction mouth. It was beautiful. I lost it in our fire. I hope you will be able to continue to make these fine bits. If I could replace it let me know. Thank you again.

Written by Pete Spates on May. 18, 2012
I have just learned of "Ed's" passing. He made a bit for me 12 years ago. One of the most beautiful pieces of gear I have. In that time I have had the privlidge of putting 7 horses up in the bridle. All of them, knowing, that they were in the best bits they would ever wear.

It is with great sadness to know he is no longer with us. My most sincere sympathy to the Fields family. We have all lost someone we cared deeply about and loved.

Written by Bunny Schmitter Smith on Feb. 4, 2012
Sorry about Ed's passing. Have great memories from the "old days" Enjoyed reading the article and a great website

Written by HG & Gerri Smith on Jan. 18, 2012
Dear Fields Family, We were so sorry to hear about Ed passing away. We just want to say thank you for all of the wonderful memories, stories and the kindness he always showed. We feel bleesed to have a little of his work.

Written by Doris Brown GRANDE Rose [widow of Elmer Grande] on Jan. 4, 2012
Hello, Gary and Patti, had email from Fred Grande about your Ed's passing being on here so decided to get a copy of it. I had not seen Ed nor any of your family since the marriage of Sid Grande's dau Sandy in 1971??? What a history he has left for all the family! I am still collecting FIELD family info if you would like a copy.
..I have shared what I have with your cousin Edwin Ratcliffe who hass a message above this one ...Just contact me at

Written by Heather Kieley on Jun. 8, 2011
I just purchased a bridle and spurs. wondering if you know the history. the bit has E.G. Field 3-17-91 S.B.CA. and the spurs have E.G. Field S.B.CA. 1990 the feed store in Morongo Ca. I purchased them from had the name of kennedy on the price tag.

Written by Edwin (Field/Long) Ratcliffe on Nov. 8, 2010
For Diana Field Steele. Are you of the Santa Barbara Field family? If so, you might want to exchange information I have a rather extensive Field family genealogy research: but I have very little on descendants below my great grandfather Edwin Field of Rhode Island -- to Downieville, CA and then Santa Barbara (1822 - 1902) and his wife Maria A. Leyva (1843 - 1023)
I am very interested in filling in some additional Field folks of the Santa Barbara area.
My great aunt was Louise Field "Bedo" who was Edwin's daughter Mary Lucia Field's. I knew "Bedo" until the time of her death in Paradise, CA at age 101.
I sure hope your might have information for me as well. Best wishes


Latest comments

07.04 | 12:51

We appreciate your kind comments; his memory lives on in our work... there's not a day that goes by that we don't think about him!

05.04 | 19:37

I knew Ed and worked with his daughter Netty. He will be missed and Netty always spoke highly of her father. God bless him and his family.

13.01 | 07:39

Thank you Bob and Jane... we miss him; but we are so grateful for the legacy handed down to Gary from him. Hope to meet up with you someday soon!

11.01 | 18:51

It's with sadness that we learn of Ed's passing. We will cherish and use our two bits and all the conchos Ed made us. Our horses pack love his sweet crickets.

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